XHub Media Center 2.2 Software for Mac OS X Tiger

The Software Version Is Currently Outdated and No Longer under Production.

XHub Media Center 2.2, released on Nov 2, 2007, by Snarb, was a popular software update for its popular home theater software.

It’s was a popular alternative to various software such as Apple’s Front Row. This version brings new exciting features, an enhanced TV and photos module, improved remote control, new delicious interfaces, and slick core graphic animations.

With its built-in support for the Salling Clicker, which also allows you to use a Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled cell phone as a high-end remote control to use. XHub Media Center was a great application to view any type of media to your TV Screen directly from your Mac.

Features of XHub Media Center 2.2

  • Enhanced TV module
  • Enhanced photos module with folder images support
  • New, much-improved skins
  • Core Graphics intro animation, choose a transition style
  • Module order can be rearranged
  • Search as you type
  • A redesigned preference pane with many new settings
  • The numerical keyboard works as an input device
  • Enhanced Apple remote control
  • Special Actions can be set for all modules
  • VIDEO_TS folders start playing automatically
  • Different Special Actions depending on media playback state
  • Add as many movies and photo folders as you like

System requirements

XHub Media Center requires Mac OS X Tiger to run on.

Pricing and Availability

The product is no more available to download.

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